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How to Guarantee Employee Safety in a State of Emergency and the Post-Corona World?

Facial recognition device takes you one step closer to contactless identification

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I2 Factory uses Begin to support its international team

A modern manufacturing company needs best people and best tools to be agile and stay ahead of competition. This is a story of I2 - an amazing Latvian …

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How to schedule work time this 2018 Holiday

The holiday season is almost upon us, ho-ho-ho! This year, we have decided to do some anonymous analysis and customer interviews to find the best …

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Worktime & attendance in Estonia

Estonian work-time legislation is largely similar to others in EU, due to numerous EU directives on the topic. This guide is meant as an easy look-up …


Low productivity, lack of workforce and how to deal with it

Did you notice that almost every single sector of economy screams about lack of workers? Maybe your company is also lacking a few spare hands. But, as …

Success story Construction

How a simple change helped Remart Ehitus OÜ save valuable working hours

While growth pains are certainly common and avoidable, some of them can be alleviated quite effectively by applying the correct tools.


Everything you need to know about timesheets

With the cost of running a business on the rise, many companies are looking for ways to optimize these expenses. One of the more innovative approaches …

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20 time stealing techniques (part2)

In this 2nd part of the time theft articles, we delve into the more devious types of time theft, which are quite deliberate and costly, potentially …

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20 time stealing techniques (part1)

They wouldn't steal a hammer. They wouldn't steal toilet paper. They wouldn't steal your office chair. But why do they keep on stealing working time?! …

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9 good reasons for tracking time in the office

We have been through research papers on time tracking and put together a list of reasons for Employers and Employees to start tracking their time in …


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