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CI Group selects Begin for managing time of engineers and builders

Electronic timesheet mobile app helps Latvian road-engineers

Baltic construction companies are facing new challenges due to legislation, requiring stricter employee time management. While hundreds of Estonian construction companies already use Begin, we are happy to have helped our first Latvian customer.

CI Grupa is a group of design, engineering and construction companies, focused on designing and supervising construction of innovative infrastructure solutions. Their purpose is to “to provide qualitative and competitive services to State, local governments and the private sectors in Latvia and Estonia”. Their services are not limited to roads and bridges though, they also have a unique regional expertise and experience in designing stadiums.

When we asked Ilze Ragovska-Bērziņa, CI Grupa’s HR manager, about the challenges of starting with Begin, she was very clear: “Change was our biggest challenge. Even though we have a great team of professionals, they initially rejected the idea of a new electronic time-tracking system. There was some negative attitude, but we have overcome it by communication. After the initial reaction though, adoption of the new system went very smoothly. The main reason for that is the simplicity and convenience of using Begin. “Less is more” principle fully applies here.”

CI Grupa engineers and supervisors are often on the road, moving between construction objects and making sure everything is going according to schedules. And that was exactly the kind of task Begin’s mobile time tracking app with GPS support was designed for.

Our own timesheet expert Martin comments: “Our cooperation went very smoothly, as Ilze was aware of our strengths and the fact that we work closely with Road Administration on creating a convenient tool for road-builders. At the time, Begin was available only in Estonian, Russian and English, but it wasn’t an issue. As of today, Begin is also available in Latvian.”

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