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How a simple change helped Remart Ehitus OÜ save valuable working hours

A vision for changing the perception of the construction industry

Remart Ehitus OÜ is a very active construction company, whose main activities are interior furnishing, general construction, repair and specialist work. It was founded in 2012 and when the company entered the market, Reimo Tamm, the head of the company, outlined their vision – to stand out with high-quality work and customer care. This meant that everything within the company had to be well-organised and work always had to be completed in time.

‘Our vision was developed as a response to the stereotypes I had noticed in the construction sector. Projects were never finished in time and the quality of the work generally left much to be desired. We wanted to change that perception,’ explained Reimo Tamm, CEO of Remart Ehitus.

The growth of a company is accompanied by growing confusion in the work time tracking

During the years, the number of staff in Remart Ehitus has grown from 5 to 25. However, the increase in headcount has caused many problems in managing their working time. Keeping track of the team’s working times and doing so manually required too much valuable time. Remart Ehitus tried to keep a clear record of working times in a way that was not compatible with the growth of the company. Over years, they’ve tried many different approaches to find the easiest way of keeping track of working time.

‘At first, we did everything through text messaging, and then started keeping timesheets in Excel. Employees marked down on a paper timesheet their work hours on respective sites and I had to validate the information,’ Tamm explained. The inaccuracy of timesheets quickly became a concern. ‘If one employee claimed that they and their colleague were on a site for 8 hours and the colleague marked down 7 hours on that site, then I had to find the time to figure out how an hour went missing,’ Tamm said. If the working hours seemed correct, Reimo had to enter them into an Excel spreadsheet.

‘Human errors occurred on both sides. Employees tried to recall how many hours they worked on a site and I tried to validate the accuracy of their claims,’ the owner of Remart Ehitus said. The time spent on tracking working hours, the mental strain of recalling where his team was, as well as the growing risk of human errors led to the point where they had to start looking for a better solution for tracking of working time.

Begin – a tool which simplifies time management for a construction company

Having worked in the construction sector for a while, Reimo knew that there were far better and more efficient ways for managing a company. ‘I knew a person who worked in this field, so I decided to start looking into time-tracking software,’ Tamm explained. After a few meetings and having seen how the Begin time tracking software worked, Reimo chose Begin.

●       Real-time timesheets

●       GPS positioning of workers

●       Working time tracked on several sites

●       Reduced amount of manual data entry and transfer

●       Mobile

These were the features that caught the attention of Remart Ehitus. The real benefits became clear when employees started to record their work time though. ‘The real benefits became clear already in the first few weeks. All the information related to work time was available in Begin. It was no longer necessary to remember who worked where and for how many hours; and the need for manual entry of hours was gone as well. I have now more time to focus on developing the company,’ Tamm said.

Customer support delivered as promised

Customer support is always very important when a company starts using a new software. ‘I am pleased that Begin delivered exactly what was promised,’ Reimo said. ‘The customer support of Begin really deserves praise because they always have somebody available, are more than happy to help, and respond very quickly,’ Tamm explained.

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