Construction Manufacturing Success story Mobile

I2 Factory uses Begin to support its international team

By introducing flexible mobile time tracking

I2 is a great example of a modern, efficient manufacturing: they combine ultra-modern technology with great employee skills to create some of the best and energy efficient windows, doors and other building components in Northern Europe. Besides their modern manufacturing line, they are also very proud of their team:

“Our employees are a huge part of our mission and success. We do our best to train and motivate them to make sure that they are the best in business. It’s very important, as many of them travel around Europe to help with installation of our products and spend face-time with customers.” Explains I2’s HR & Finance manager Inga Slokenberga.

However, as business was growing, I2 began seeing a very real need for a more efficient way of tracking employee time. The challenge was quite tough though: I2 needed to track time in factory, as well as outside of it in several countries. An employee could be working in Latvia on Monday, then travel to Sweden on Wednesday and return making a stop in Estonia.

“We have complete trust in our employees, but, from analysis perspective, we had a real challenge of figuring out time spent on various projects. Also, we didn’t want to force more administrative tasks on our employees than necessary. We have looked at several time management systems, but they were either inadequate or very expensive. Combination of mobile and on-site time registration, as well as a very transparent project investment were the two main reasons for us selecting Begin.”

“Personally, I love working with modern manufacturing companies. They are great at explaining what they need and treat our software just like any other tool in their inventory – with respect and diligence.” Comments Begin’s regional manager Vladimir. “Inga learned to use the system very quickly and following the setup of the time-registration terminal in their factory I2 was using Begin like pros”.

In today’s World, employee work time tracking and analysis can be done quickly and efficiently, which is very important, as you wouldn’t want to waste time on counting time.