Digital employee timesheets for construction

Quick and efficient way for work time registration on your objects

Forget paper timesheets and Excel

8% average gross salary expense savings

Our smartphone app is designed for construction companies who employ a mobile workforce tending to several construction projects each day. Because completely unreadable and lost timesheets are still a very common occurrence in construction.

However, this will no longer be the case with Begin’s GPS positioning, project-based costing and real-time information updates. We help you save a huge amount of time, spent otherwise on getting hourly data for invoicing and payroll.

“Paper timesheets didn’t just make our experts waste a lot of time, they kept us from having a clear and precise overview of the situation on objects.”

Ivar Ruhno, Marico Ehitus OÜ Supply manager Read more
Construction worker
Paper timesheets

Digital timesheets

Reduce paperwork on your construction sites

Let your builders register their work time from a device in their pocket. We have robust applications both for Android and iOS. In case of Internet connection issues, our application will store the data until the connection is back and sync the data with the server then.

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GPS positioning

Responsibility and precision

Begin smartphone work time application performs a GPS position check each time an employee registers their work time. This provides you with a unque ability to check where the employee starts their work and whether they are on time. This will help your company become more efficient at managing employee working time and improve overall logistics.

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GPS location
Object codes

Object codes

Assign employees to objects

Begin tracks more than just working time. Employees can easily map their work against objects and operations. This enriched work time information is accumulated in manager’s dashboard where they have a real-time overview of what is being accomplished. This provides an opportunity to keep a close eye on important projects and make changes based on valid information.

“We are actually using both the smartphone app and the biometric time clock. Our work time registration is reflecting our ongoing construction projects and operations on those. The fact that we can easily split work time expenses between objects (and cost centres) helps our project profitability and cash flow analysis tremendously.”

Ivar Ruhno, Marico Ehitus OÜ Supply manager Read more
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