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Begin’s biometric time registration terminal is a great option for companies of all sizes. Using this time terminal and fingerprint recognition technology work time can be registered with just a few swipes of a finger. Biometric fingerprint recognition is the most precise way for work time registration. Naturally, you can also use RFID cards and PIN-codes. These terminals are connected to the Internet and are very easy to install.

“This is by the far the easiest time tracking software for manufacturing, which I have experienced. It helps our managers and accountants save time, which would’ve otherwise been wasted on manual timesheet entry.”

Veiko Busch Production Manager, Diapol OÜ
project costing

Get a full picture of your project costing

Time is money. Where did all the time go?

Begin doesn’t just track the time. Your employees can easily register time spent on particular projects and operations. Managers are even able to record number of units produced. Work time data is available alongside project and operational stats to provide real-time reporting for managers. Resulting analytics make project-based expenses much more transparent and let you make changes on the fly.

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Easy and efficient workforce planning

Plan, update and share – all in one place

Take advantage of our flexible and intuitive work time scheduling tool where everything you need is immediately available. You can schedule time for each employee individually or entire teams. Of course, there is a possibility to copy schedules from one month to the next. Our solution keeps track of schedule adherence automatically and can inform respective managers about employees being late.

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“Our managers now spend much less time on administration, as the manual scheduling work is almost gone. This is the only solution, which offered this level of comfort.”

Katrin Peets, Instrumentarium Optika HR manager Read more
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