Spend less time on manufacturing timetracking


Disciplined workforce

With Begin, employees have possibility to clock in and out through biometrical terminal. We offer face id and/or fingerprint scanning method which excludes workers the chance to cheat on time tracking. No need for faulty and really time consuming Excel / pen&paper solution any more.

Profitable projects

Begin software gives a real-time overview about ongoing projects. Employees can easily register time for different projects and processes and Managers can take out reports to see exactly how much time is spent on individual projects.

Smooth and on-time payroll calculations

The software automatically calculates the employee's working time and provides the necessary aggregated data for salary calculation. Begin integration with payroll software not only frees you from multiple data entry, it makes full-time accounting a breeze

Automated time tracking saves you unnecessary expenses

When you speed up the worktime tracking process, you will lower your expenses and increase efficiency
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