Manage Your People and Core HR Processes

Effortlessly manage employee personal data, documents, and assets with our Core HR Module, designed for optimal HR efficiency.
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Employee data management illustration

Comprehensive Personal Data Management

Centralized employee data handling for efficient HR operations

Employee Data Storage

Manage sensitive employee information such as personal details, bank information, and more.

Easy Access and Management

Access and manage employee data seamlessly, ensuring HR tasks are more streamlined and efficient.

Salary History and Employment Types

View comprehensive records of employees' salary history and various employment types.
Document management system illustration

Efficient Document Management

Simplify the management and accessibility of employee-related documents

HR Document Storage and Management

Store and organize all employee documents in a centralized, easily accessible location.

Quick Document Retrieval

Retrieve employee documents swiftly, enhancing the efficiency of HR processes.

Secure Document Handling

Ensure the confidentiality and security of all employee documents
Asset tracking and management illustration

Asset Management and Tracking

Efficient tracking and management of assets allocated to employees

Asset Assignment

Assign and track all company assets to employees with detailed logs and status updates.

Asset History

Monitor the lifecycle of assets from procurement to retirement, ensuring optimal allocation and utilization.

Return and Maintenance

Manage asset returns and maintenance schedules, keeping everything in perfect working order.

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Streamline your HR operations with our comprehensive Core HR Module
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