Simple, accurate time clock for deskless teams

Software that provides an accurate view of working hours, disciplines employees and simplifies project costing.
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Save an average of 5% on payroll costs.

Tracking employees’ work hours has never been easier

Biometrical terminal

Terminal has the options for Face ID, fingerprint or card

Mobile application

Real-time visibility with GPS positioning

Employee self-service

Start and stop timer as you work, or enter hours manually
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Automatic cost-code allocation

Take back control of your time with digital timesheets

Easy access

Digital timesheet is accessible everywhere which gives Managers constant overview of work times.

Exact working hours

Digital timesheet gives Managers overview of actual hours and helps to avoid data processing mistakes.

Monthly reports

Automatically generated reports help to save time which previously was spent on manual data processing and calculation.
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Effortless employee payroll & reporting

Making monthly summaries have never been easier thanks to automatic functions

Overview of exact work hours

System automatically calculates employees total worked hours.

Project reports

With project reports, managers can see how much time employees spend on each project/jobtype

Comparison of planned and actual working time

Make sure your teams are running on budget. Our time tracking software helps managers compare scheduled hours against timesheet hours
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Integrations with business softwares

Integrations with other business softwares help You share data with only few clicks.

Export data into .csv file

Export working hours information to different payroll softwares (Merit, Taavi, Axapta, etc.)

Import data from .csv file

Employee list, objects and other attributes

Export data through API

Share data with other business softwares through API integration.

Automated time tracking saves you unnecessary expenses

When you speed up the worktime tracking process, you will lower your expenses and increase efficiency
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