Biometric terminal

Biometric time registration terminal is a great opportunity for companies with the bulk of employees situated in one location, whether permanent, like manufacturing plan or temporary, like a construction site. These terminals are easy to install, always online and allow check-in and check-out with a fingerprint, RFID card or a PIN-code.

Register with a fingerprint

Terminals are easy to install, requiring only power and Internet connection.

Begin’s biometric terminal can benefit a company of any size. Fingerprint recognition allows your employees to register time with a single finger swipe. NB! Our terminal is GDPR – compliant.

While fingerprint recognition is the most precise method of work time tracking on this device, you can also use an RFID card or a PIN-code.

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“Paper timesheets didn’t just make our experts waste a lot of time, they kept us from having a clear and precise overview of the situation on objects”

Ivar Ruhno, Marico Ehitus OÜ Supply manager
Biometric time clock
Save money


Be a step ahead of your competition

  • Improve workplace discipline
  • Save money with precise work time tracking
  • Real-time overview of employees arriving and leaving
  • Get rid of the senseless paper-based scheduling and registration
  • Enjoy the benefits of fully automatic work time tracking
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Who is it for?

Manufacturing , construction , service

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