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Begin helps you track the working time of your employees in the field. Get real-time information about arrivals and departures to sites and customers, alongside hours and tasks works. The system also tracks GPS coordinates, helping figure out where the employee actually started and finished their work. This will both help internally, as well as with issuing invoices and reports to customers.

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Work time registration with a couple of taps

Our mobile application for work time management is a great solution for companies with a mobile workforce, where employees move between several sites. Forget about unreadable or lost timesheets.

Begin provides you with employee GPS positioning, object-based costing and real-time information updates. These possibilities will both help you save time on issuing invoices and payroll calculation.

Data is sent to our server, once the user’s smartphone is connected to the Internet. Data exchange between a smartphone and our server is fully automated and secure.

“Paper timesheets didn’t just make our experts waste a lot of time, they kept us from having a clear and precise overview of the situation on objects”

Ivar Ruhno, Marico Ehitus OÜ Supply manager Read more
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  • Improve workplace discipline
  • Save money with precise work time tracking
  • Real-time overview of employees arriving and leaving
  • Get rid of the senseless paper-based scheduling and registration
  • Enjoy the benefits of fully automatic work time tracking
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Construction , manufacturing , maintenance and service

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